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Isaiah 58:12
“Your sons shall rebuild the ruins of former years, and shall revive the foundations of old, and you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets in which to dwell.”

Rebuild. Revive. Repair. Restore.


Joe McGee, author, Bible teacher and former school administrator, has spent that last 30 years training people from all walks of life in building strong family, marriage and parenting relationships.

He presents some of the most entertaining, yet practical teaching on the family available today. His laugh-and-learn approach removes every barrier and provides listeners with a new hope for stronger families and a deeper commitment to obey the Word of God in their lives.

As a husband of over 43 years and father of six children, Joe mixes years of personal experience with the principles of God’s Word to bring about pointed, but humorous illustrations, which challenge people to become all God has called them to be.

Along with his wife, Denise, Joe founded Joe McGee Ministries and Faith for Families seminars in 1993 with a God-given mission of helping to restore hope in the lives of families through the knowledge of God’s Word. Each year reaches families with this message through over 50 seminars across the country, television, podcast and radio programs as well as teaching resources.

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Joe and Denise make their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their children: Sarah, Jessica, Corrie, Tessa, Lauren and John; sons-in-law: Matthew and Mark; and grandsons Augustus James and Duke McGee make their homes in Oklahoma and Tennessee.


Learn more about Joe’s laugh-and-learn seminars and how you can invite him to speak at your church or event.



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