Thank you for Investing in Families

At the end of one year and before the beginning of another is always a good time to stop and reflect.

It’s important to not just be busy but to be doing what God has called you to do. Every day is an opportunity to repent, to forgive, to serve others, and to be obedient to God’s call on your life.

You have a God-given gift and we pray in 2017 you continue to walk out the fulfillment of that gift.
Here at Joe McGee Ministries, you know our mission — it’s to restore hope in the lives of families through the knowledge of God’s Word.

That statement is on everything we print and at the core of every outreach and project that we do because it is our God-given calling. But we don’t do this work alone. You are part of that mission.

Thank you for your prayers, both for the work of this ministry and for our family. Thank you for financial support and partnership which allows us to reach more people through the Fighting for Families radio program as well as teaching resources and more.

Thank you for investing in families. People you will never meet have heard God’s Word and their lives have been changed because of what you have done.

May God’s Best Be Yours in 2017!


In 2016 we have reached more families than ever in our two decades of ministry. Outreaches like our Fighting for Families radio program are reaching people who, otherwise, might never have heard the message of hope restored through God’s Word.

God does the supernatural and we do the natural. In 2017, we’re asking you to help us continue reaching people who are struggling with marriage and family issues. So often they feel their circumstance is hopeless, but we know differently. We know that God is a miracle God and His Word will restore hope in their life, their marriage, and their family.

Your year-end gift of any amount will go to making sure they aren’t left hopeless, but instead, they have their hope restored through God’s Word!

Year-End Gift









For your gift of any amount, specifically to the Fighting for Families radio outreach, you’ll receive Joe’s newest resource, Building Your Family Legacy on DVD, as our gift to you.

Building Your Family Legacy



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Friday Funnies: Outtakes

Our Friday Funnies usually feature Joe at one of his seminars, but today we thought you would enjoy seeing some of the behind-the-scenes with Joe and Denise.

As many of you know, Joe’s wife, Denise passed away on Sunday, December 11th. She and Joe were married for 45 years and served together in ministry for 35 years. During all of that time, they loved to laugh.

We hope you enjoy these funny outtakes of some of their most recent teaching clips.


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Teach Your Kids to Run to God



A lady called into our live radio program one day and said, “Mr. McGee, we love your program. We have all of your teachings on parenting and marriage. They are so good. They have helped us as parents and have saved our family. But I’d like to ask a question: what are the three most important things you did as a parent that helped your children?”

I said, “Well, the greatest thing I think we ever taught our kids was about sin.”

Teaching Your Children

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[Ep. 313] Raising Your Kids Well

Do you want to be a bad parent?

No one does.

We all want to be good parents and to raise our children well. Unfortunately, none of us were born parenting experts. The good news is that God’s Word is the guide we need to learn to raise our children well.

Listen as Joe shares a message with you on raising your children well. Raising your children well is an important part of extending your family’s legacy.

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Why God Created Families

Did you know that family is a gift from God?

You may be thinking, Not my family!

It’s true. The concept of family is God’s idea and it was His plan to make us part of His family through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

That’s what the Christmas story is all about. It’s about family.


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14 Steps to Getting a Vision for Your Life


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Don’t spend another day, week, month or year not knowing what God has gifted you to do. Learn how to find out who God says you are, what He has created you to do, and how to start doing that!

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