[Ep. 375] Repair


Joe introduces a new format of discussion with his son-in-law, Matt, about parenting. In addition, Joe shares the heart of his ministry to restore hope in the lives of families through the knowledge of the Word of God. Today, Joe talks about the first pillar of his vision, REPAIRING the family.

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Peace on Earth



This season we celebrate that Jesus was born and brought with Him peace on earth by a restored relationship with God.

Peace isn’t something you get from outside circumstances, it’s something you have because you have Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

As we celebrate this wonderful season in a confused and fearful world let us take a moment from the hectic pace to get quiet and remember the peace that we have available to us.

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The Take Away

You’ll never really know peace if you are only looking at outside circumstances. Real peace comes from knowing the Prince of Peace, Jesus.



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How to Follow After Peace

You have an enemy that is trying to steal your peace and steal your joy. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, to follow after peace? We often hear sermons about it and read it in books, but what does that look like on a day-to-day basis when people are getting upsetting you or disappointing you, or hurting you? What does that look like when the circumstances around you seem beyond repair? What does following after peace look like then?

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Restoring Hope in the Lives of Families

Our God-given mission at Joe McGee Ministries is to restore hope in the lives of families through the knowledge of God’s Word.

We use every method and avenue we have available to us, including social media to reach people.

Here is a note we received via social media of one woman who had hope restored and recommitted her life to God —

“I saw a clip of Joe McGee on facebook…Joe’s messages on marriage and family were exactly what I needed at the exact right time. I recommitted my life to Christ. I’m more patient and understanding with my children and husband now, among lots of other things. I feel things moving toward the better for us and, although it’s by the grace of God, I have to thank Joe as well!” 



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How To Get More Unity

Last year, the number one topic our listeners and readers wanted help with was getting more unity in their family.

It affects families, businesses, marriages and the list continues. Unity sounds like a flowery term, but if you don’t have it, relationships can easily turn ugly.

The reason a lack of unity affects relationships is that because it causes conflict. Conflict is most often the result of unmet expectations. When everyone has a different goal or expectation that doesn’t get met, conflicts ensue.

We actually recorded a special message on this topic called, Growing Up Together. 

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