How to Avoid Common Marriage Myths

 Are you believing a lie when it comes to your marriage relationship?

It’s possible. That’s what we call a marriage myth. Those are the commonly held beliefs that have a surprisingly big impact on your relationship if you buy into them.

Maybe you think that you’ve fallen out of love, or perhaps that other people just married someone better than you did, and it’s impossible to have what they have. There are dozens of these myths and they are sneaky how they get into our thoughts. And once we think about them enough, we’ll start to believe them, and begin to act on them. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In this How-To clip, Joe is talking about how to avoid the common marriage myths and replace those lies with the truth!

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It’s Finally Here! Joe’s NEW Marriage Book

It’s finally here!

Over 25 years ago, Joe began teaching a seminar called, Marriage Building 101 in churches all around the country. Eventually, this teaching became a small group study, and now, it’s a book!

Pre-Order your copy of Joe’s NEW book You Don’t Find a Great Marriage; You Build One and you’ll get a signed copy [while supplies last].

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Is a Good Heart with No Head Knowledge Hurting Your Marriage?


Having a right heart is great, but if you don’t have knowledge to go along with it, it’ll mess up your life.

Marriage was God’s idea, and like everything else He created, it hums with power. Fire will warm you or it can burn you to death. Water will quench your thirst or it can drown you. Marriage is the closest thing to Heaven on earth or the closest thing to Hell on earth. The results you get in marriage, as with anything else God has made, depend on one thing — how you handle it.

God created marriage and our ignorance of how to handle it (we’ll call that—having no head knowledge) can hurt our marriage relationship.

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[Ep. 588] Words Solve or Cause Problems


It doesn’t take long in marriage to find out that what you say to each other makes a difference for the good and for the bad.

You and your spouse are made to work together but you have to learn how to talk to each other. In today’s show, we talk about why it’s important to use the right words when talking to each other.

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[Ep. 583] Incompatible…by God’s Design


When you start dating your future spouse, it seems like everything works out perfectly.

You eat the same things, watch the same things, and even think the same things. Then you get married, and everything seems to change. In today’s show, we talk about what it means when you hear “opposites attract.”


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A Tool to Help You Teach Your Children God’s Word

At first, trying to have a daily devotional time with young children can cause feelings of frustration or failure because your children don’t seem to be getting it or you’re not sure you’re even teaching them the right things.

You need to realize one thing about teaching first, and that is that it’s like planting a seed where a lot goes on underneath the surface before you see the growth. Keep planting the seed of God’s Word every day and you WILL see results. Continue reading…

[Ep. 578] Stick Your Neck Out



God makes success simple for everyone.

He puts something in you so great that it will open doors and straighten the path. But there is one more thing you need to know. In today’s episode, we talk about how to be successful at whatever God made you good at.

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