Setting Rules in Your House


In disciplining children, it’s important to set specific rules for your children. Kids need boundaries. However, don’t have so many rules that your children are overwhelmed. Once rules have been established, it’s important that parents consistently enforce them.

Father And Children Doing Laundry

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The Parenting Prayer Guide


Prayer is an essential part of parenting as well as life in general.

As parents, our life is filled with on-the-job training and we need God’s help to make it through. He gives us instructions (thankfully) in His Word.

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Telling Your Child the Truth – Photo Contest


We LOVE seeing all the great ways you use the Telling Your Child the Truth scripture card sets and hearing about they’ve helped. 

This month we’re talking about parenting and it’s a perfect time to share the love and give other parents tips and ideas on how to use their sets. This contest will help share those ideas and you could win something in the process!

Here are the details.

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Parents, Stay in Faith

As parents, we have the amazing task of teaching and training our kids so that when they leave home, they’ll have a solid foundation and the tools they’ll need to be successful in life. That can seem like a pretty overwhelming job!

As our kids approach the time when they step out on their own, we may think,Where has the last 19-20 years gone? Did I invest enough time in them? Do they have everything they need? Will they make it on their own without going stupid? Continue reading…

How to Pray for Your Adult Child


One question we get asked over and over is about how to help your adult child, especially when you see them making decisions that aren’t wise. 

Because they aren’t in your house any longer, you aren’t able to enforce rules, but God’s Word gives us the roadmap for how to navigate through this difficult situation.

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