Helping Your Child Find Their “Bent”

As parents, we can help our children answer the question, “Why am I here?” by helping them to discover their gifts and talents.

If you have five children living under your roof, then you’ve got five completely different individuals. Their personalities, likes, dislikes, attitudes, responses to things, as well as their gifts and talents are all different.

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Practical Parenting: Watch Your Mouth


Breaking up fights, cleaning up potty “accidents,” answering the question,”Why?” about one hundred times. Add to that dealing with meltdowns in stores, and dealing with someone making the same mistakes over and over. After a day like that, it’s easy to let you mouth vent your frustration, but it won’t make the situation any better.  Continue reading…

The Way to Whip the Lie

The biggest weapon you and I will face is the lie. The only way to defeat the lie is with the truth.

Here is the exciting truth about the children of God:



“God’s Plan For Your Life” 

Find out what God’s plan for your life is and stop believing the lies that you’ll never make it!

Your Mission: Leave It Better Than You Found It

If you won’t take care of the little things in life, you won’t take care of the big things.

You’ll only want to do the “important stuff,” and that’s not the example Jesus set for us. Jesus left every person, every place, every situation better than He found it and we should too!

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