It’s Christmas Eve…

Christmas Eve is upon us.

Whether your gifts are all purchased or not, let’s take a moment to thank God for the greatest gift. Most people, when they hear that, automatically think, “That’s good and all, but I’m having real issues.”

But the gift of adoption into God’s family brings with it so much. Listen as Joe shares more on the greatest gift we have received.

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How to Bring Peace to a Difficult Situation

We all find ourselves in difficult situations. How can we bring peace to those difficult situations?

The first thing you need to know is that when you’re in a difficult situation you need to tell the truth (the truth in love).

Watch this How-To clip from Joe and learn more about bringing peace to difficult situations.

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Friday Funnies: Let’s Play Kissy Face

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Once children arrive on the scene, priorities change for a while and adjustments have to be made.

Listen in as Joe shares his experience of taking a nose-dive down the priority list, what he had to do to turn his attitude around, and how he started building a stronger marriage by getting to work in the kitchen.

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[Ep. 375] Repair


Joe introduces a new format of discussion with his son-in-law, Matt, about parenting. In addition, Joe shares the heart of his ministry to restore hope in the lives of families through the knowledge of the Word of God. Today, Joe talks about the first pillar of his vision, REPAIRING the family.

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Peace on Earth



This season we celebrate that Jesus was born and brought with Him peace on earth by a restored relationship with God.

Peace isn’t something you get from outside circumstances, it’s something you have because you have Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

As we celebrate this wonderful season in a confused and fearful world let us take a moment from the hectic pace to get quiet and remember the peace that we have available to us.

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