Help! My Child is a Teenager

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6 NKJV).

Around the age of 13 is when children turn into a subculture called “teenagers.” Behavior that seemed innocent and cute when your child was a two-year-old is viewed as outright rebellion as he or she becomes a teenager. It’s not cute when your teenager looks you in the face and says, “I’m not doing that, and you can’t make me!”

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Bigger and Better

Following God’s vision can bring major changes in your life. It may even require you to do a complete one-eighty. You may have already chosen a specific path for your life, and you’re pursuing it with a passion. Then, God shows you His vision for your life and all of a sudden things change—priorities, goals, and relationships, just to name a few. Continue reading…

What It Means to Be a Father

Dad, daddy, pop, papa, pa, and father. Many names, but the same job description.

The term “fathering” means to treat with protective care. It means being involved, behaving responsibly, being emotionally engaged, physically available, providing financial support, and having influence in child raising  decisions.

A Dad's Love

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Vision Changes Everything



When Paul was on the road to Damascus he got knocked off his horse and a very interesting thing happened: his eyes were blinded. He had a vision, not with his natural eyes, but with his spiritual eyes. He was blind, but he saw something nobody else saw and it changed his life. (See Acts 9:1-9)

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Vision Will Lead You


In the Old Testament Joseph had a vision that he was going to be a great man and do things well beyond his current situation. 

When he had this dream from God, he was the runt of the family, but he knew that one day he was going to become top dog.

Getting God’s vision for your life deep in your heart is important because it helps you stay the course even when you run into roadblocks.


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Three Things Smart Moms Should Know



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As a mother (and parent in general) you can find yourself parenting out of fear. Fear that you aren’t doing enough, that you’re doing too much, and fear that you’re doing your job all wrong. But you can’t get caught up in that way of thinking.

Even being a mother of six, it’s easy to wonder if you’ve got this right because each child is different from the next.

 People laugh when Joe says it, but it’s true that we don’t become a parent because we are the most qualified, however that doesn’t mean we can’t do the job!

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