How to Avoid Common Marriage Myths

 Are you believing a lie when it comes to your marriage relationship?

It’s possible. That’s what we call a marriage myth. Those are the commonly held beliefs that have a surprisingly big impact on your relationship if you buy into them.

Maybe you think that you’ve fallen out of love, or perhaps that other people just married someone better than you did, and it’s impossible to have what they have. There are dozens of these myths and they are sneaky how they get into our thoughts. And once we think about them enough, we’ll start to believe them, and begin to act on them. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In this How-To clip, Joe is talking about how to avoid the common marriage myths and replace those lies with the truth!

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A Tool to Help You Teach Your Children God’s Word

At first, trying to have a daily devotional time with young children can cause feelings of frustration or failure because your children don’t seem to be getting it or you’re not sure you’re even teaching them the right things.

You need to realize one thing about teaching first, and that is that it’s like planting a seed where a lot goes on underneath the surface before you see the growth. Keep planting the seed of God’s Word every day and you WILL see results. Continue reading…

One Thing That Will Make This Year Better Than Last Year…[Building Stronger Families Ep. 1]

Did last year turn out like you hoped it would? 

We all have high hopes around the beginning of the year, but often life gets busy and before we know it time has passed, but nothing much has changed.

There is one thing that will help you make this year better than last year and that’s what we’re talking about in the first episode of our monthly web series, Building Stronger Families with Joe McGee.

This new web series will walk you through how to make this year better than last year, how to start telling yourself the truth, and tools to help you start today! 

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Lie and the Truth

Do you know how to tell the difference between a lie and the truth?

If you’re not sure, you need to watch this How-To clip. The enemy’s number one weapon to use against you is the lie and the only way to combat a lie is with the truth. When you’re being bombarded by lies, it is easy to start believing them if you aren’t telling yourself the truth.

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Friday Funnies: Football and Listening

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In this Friday Funnies clip, Joe shares how he and his wife had to work on their patience with the blending of football season and listening.

Remember, that your spouse is a gift from God and the game is temporary.

[Watch this Friday Funnies and be encouraged.]

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It’s Christmas Eve…

Christmas Eve is upon us.

Whether your gifts are all purchased or not, let’s take a moment to thank God for the greatest gift. Most people, when they hear that, automatically think, “That’s good and all, but I’m having real issues.”

But the gift of adoption into God’s family brings with it so much. Listen as Joe shares more on the greatest gift we have received.

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How to Bring Peace to a Difficult Situation

We all find ourselves in difficult situations. How can we bring peace to those difficult situations?

The first thing you need to know is that when you’re in a difficult situation you need to tell the truth (the truth in love).

Watch this How-To clip from Joe and learn more about bringing peace to difficult situations.

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