Friday Funnies: Outtakes

Our Friday Funnies usually feature Joe at one of his seminars, but today we thought you would enjoy seeing some of the behind-the-scenes with Joe and Denise.

As many of you know, Joe’s wife, Denise passed away on Sunday, December 11th. She and Joe were married for 45 years and served together in ministry for 35 years. During all of that time, they loved to laugh.

We hope you enjoy these funny outtakes of some of their most recent teaching clips.


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Friday Funnies: Never Enough Bathrooms in the House

As a father of six children—five of those being girls—Joe learned early how to find “creative” solutions to keep the peace. There’s no greater example of this than in how he “solved” the bathroom fights.

Beyond the creative solutions, Joe also shares a biblical truth that is the key to understanding how to successfully deal with family issues.

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