Friday Funnies: Never Enough Bathrooms in the House

As a father of six children—five of those being girls—Joe learned early how to find “creative” solutions to keep the peace. There’s no greater example of this than in how he “solved” the bathroom fights.

Beyond the creative solutions, Joe also shares a biblical truth that is the key to understanding how to successfully deal with family issues.

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Friday Funnies: Well That Got Serious

Do you remember the first really serious conversation you had with your spouse? The one that maybe caught you off guard and went deep in a hurry?

If you’ve been married more than 48 hours you probably answered yes. You can talk forever when you’re dating, but there’s something about being married that makes conversations change.

That’s what happened to Joe about two weeks after getting married. Laugh-and-learn from his experience with this serious topic.

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Total Dependence on God

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Pride goes before a fall.”

It doesn’t take long for a bragger to wear out their welcome. Have you ever been around someone who, no matter what you say, is always trying to “one-up” you? You talk about something, and they always have to tell their story, which somehow is always much bigger and better and blows your story out of the water.

God's Word

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