Total Dependence on God

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Pride goes before a fall.”

It doesn’t take long for a bragger to wear out their welcome. Have you ever been around someone who, no matter what you say, is always trying to “one-up” you? You talk about something, and they always have to tell their story, which somehow is always much bigger and better and blows your story out of the water.

God's Word

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Friday Funnies: The Dreaded Cereal Aisle

Every parent knows the dread of going down the cereal aisle with your children. There are so many choices and every child has a different opinion.

It can be rare to make it through the aisle without tears (from you or your child). Laugh along as Joe shares his experience of problem-solving in the cereal aisle with six children.

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What to Do When You Have the “Perfect” Comeback


Have you ever been in an argument and couldn’t think of a thing to say until 10 minutes later when you finally had the perfect comeback? 

We’ve all been there. But what happens when you get the “perfect” comeback at the “perfect” time? The temptation to rattle that off to our spouse or whomever we’re arguing with is strong.

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Friday Funnies: A Not-So-Holy Moment


Devotional time doesn’t have to feel holy to be effective. That is true with our children and our own spiritual growth.

We may not always feel like reading God’s Word, but we can’t let our feelings or our “busy schedules” keep us (or our children) from daily fellowship with God.

WATCH: Listen as Joe shares a funny story of his devotional time with six kids in the car.

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Friday Funnies: What Parent’s Say

Have you ever noticed how different each of your children are? God did that on purpose.

The next time you find yourself wishing that one of your children was like the other, remember God’s creativity in His creation and know that it was on purpose.




Every child is unique and each may have to be taught, trained, disciplined, and affirmed a little differently. Taking the time to understand and learn each child’s personality and individual needs will be a great benefit both to you and to the child as you train them up to be everything God created them to be.




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FRIDAY FUNNIES: What Page Are You On?

You don’t become one with your spouse on your honeymoon.

Marriage building is a lifetime process. You don’t marry a perfect person, because there are no perfect people. There are no perfect marriages, but there are very strong ones.

Whether you’re a marriage veteran of one day or five decades, you realize by now that sometimes you just need to laugh together. When things get tough, tense, or tiring, make time to make each other smile.

Here’s a quick quick clip to share with your spouse. It’ll help you start the weekend laughing-and-learning. 


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