[Parenting] How to Get Answers to Your Parenting Questions

Help—I’m a parent!

Have you ever said something like this? If not, you’ve definitely thought it.

Not only do you have to train your children, but each of those children requires a unique approach and they grow through different phases. Wouldn’t it be nice if kids came with a manual?

They did. It’s the Bible.

That’s not a clever saying or a cliche phrase—it’s the truth.

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[Marriage] How To Set Boundaries with Family

Why can’t we spend Christmas with my family? How long are your parents going to stay? What did your parent’s say in front of the kids? 

Couples will run into these questions (and more) over the course of their marriage. It’s important to love and honor your in-laws, but it’s also important to set boundaries and establish expectations.

Part of doing that is having a conversation with your spouse and determining how you will approach everything from holidays to overnight visits and more. There are NO set rules. For some people, the more time they can spend with both sets of families the better. For other situations, couples may want to set limits because of distance between homes. It’s not about cutting things out, it’s about finding what works for you and your spouse. Make sure you take their concerns and desires as seriously as you do your own.

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[Man] How To Get Closer to Your Family

Arguments and fighting can cause families to stop growing together. It’s important that you make time to fellowship and laugh together.

There are tough times and hard discussions in every family, but you’ve got to make time to purposefully enjoy time together.

The best way to grow closer to your family is to make time to laugh together. It won’t always happen naturally. You have to be purposeful about it.

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(Marriage) How To: Get to the Heart of Communication

One of those most given reasons for divorce in America is, “incompatibility.” In other words, we’re struggling to  know how to talk or how to listen to each other.

The Word of God gives us the solution to the communication problem.

Get the seminar, Eight Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without book. 


Remember, that you get out what you put in, when it comes to your heart and communication.

Take this week to read Matthew 12:34-35 and list on way you can get more of the “good” in your heart.

Learning to communicate is a skill most of us were born without, but it’s not too late to learn.

Here are some resources to help you gain the skills you need to build successful relationships:





GROUP RESOURCE (Small Group Bible Study)

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