The Big Two in Parenting

In parenting, the two key areas to understand and deal with are attitude and relationship.

Many parents have the mindset: We’re just waiting for our children to turn 18 and move out of the house, then things will be great!

However, we need to realize that things will not automatically get better when our kids turn 18. We won’t retire from parenting. We will still be their parents when they get to be 58. If things aren’t going well now, they won’t automatically get better in the future.

What needs to change is our attitude. We need to see our children as the gift and the reward that God says they are.

Watch & Be Encouraged:

The Take Away:

Whether your children are eight or 58, you will always be their parents. And if you have the right attitude you can develop a great relationship with your children so that when they are grown, they are not only your kids but some of your best friends. (Prov. 17:6 NLT)

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