May Legacy Builders


As parents, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily grind, get worried that you aren’t doing anything right, and start to believe that you’ll never measure up to expectations (your own or other people’s).

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SMART MOMS: Staying Calm and Being Patient


Has your child ever said, “I hate you!” to you? When they throw a tempter tantrum it can feel difficult to stay calm. It can be even more difficult to be patient with what seems to be a trivial matter.

It’s important that we do stay calm because our children are watching us and learning from our behavior. Our children need to learn early to know what God’s Word says about our words and our actions because those will become behaviors that they use at school, at work, and in their relationships as adults.

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Find Your Untapped Potential

A lot of people go through life never realizing they possess God-given gifts and talents.

Those people never see themselves as anything special, so they live day to day just taking what life dishes out, never realizing their untapped potential.  

Finding your God-given gift

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SMART MOMS: How to Cope When You’re Tired


As a mom, there is a lot of pressure to be “on” at all times. You’ve got have a plan for everyone’s day and a contingency plan – and a contingency for that contingency plan. 

Depending on your stage of parenthood, most days you feel exhausted, physically and emotionally. You’re not alone. Listen in as Joe’s wife, Denise and his daughter, Jessica, share some encouragement for moms.

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Friday Funnies: The Dreaded Cereal Aisle

Every parent knows the dread of going down the cereal aisle with your children. There are so many choices and every child has a different opinion.

It can be rare to make it through the aisle without tears (from you or your child). Laugh along as Joe shares his experience of problem-solving in the cereal aisle with six children.

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The Beginning of Wisdom


Parents, if we want our kids to have a good life, then we have to teach them to fear the Lord. Proverbs 9:10 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Wisdom is what will cause your children to live a rich, successful life. But they won’t get wisdom unless they fear the Lord.  

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