Keeping a Good Attitude


Nowadays, you see them everywhere—funny cat videos and pictures.

They’re popular because they make people smile.  People love to smile and laugh. But there are times when it doesn’t matter what’s going on around it, it’s your choice what your attitude and your mood are going to be.

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Have you ever been around someone that has a bad attitude? They’re grumpy, frustrated, never happy, and always complaining. That’s not a fun person to be around. They’re not enjoying life, and they make it really hard for those around them to enjoy life. Continue reading…

Three Out of Ten Dads Do This…

Research shows only three out of 10 of the dads in America are functioning to serve their family according to how the Bible teaches.

Because one of these is you (or the man in your life), I am committed to encouraging and strengthening this role. And together, we must increase this percentage as we teach dysfunctional men how to lead their family.

For the challenges we face in today’s culture, we must work to develop strong, healthy dads. So the challenge today is this.

Fathers and Sons

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How-To: Read the Right Scoreboard

Scoreboards are great, especially for men, because they give a measure of how well you’re doing.

However, being a husband and a father doesn’t have a traditional scoreboard attached to it. And the world has different standards than God does when it comes to measuring how successful you are doing.

Watch this clip and learn how to read the right scoreboard.

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Total Dependence on God

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Pride goes before a fall.”

It doesn’t take long for a bragger to wear out their welcome. Have you ever been around someone who, no matter what you say, is always trying to “one-up” you? You talk about something, and they always have to tell their story, which somehow is always much bigger and better and blows your story out of the water.

God's Word

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What Kind of Seed Are You Raising?

Up near my hometown of Ducktown, Tennessee, there was a plant that put out all kinds of harsh chemicals and because of this, the landscape was devastated.

The place looked like Mars, it was all red dirt. The trees and vegetation were gone in a certain area. The plant stopped, but the damage was done. It looked like a bad situation, but the locals began planting trees. My parents planted some as part of a high school project. It wasn’t fixed overnight, but those seeds took and trees grew.

Seeds don’t sprout up overnight, but they need to be planted. Did you know parenting is all about planting seeds? The seed of God’s Word, that is. It takes a lot of work, but if you are faithful you will see the result.

(Whatch this clip on raising a godly seed.)

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