Tools for Teaching [Help for Parents]

School may be out, but the teaching should continue.

As parents, God has called us to teach and train your children. The obstacle many parents face is not knowing where to start.

Over the course of 30 years training families from all walks of life, Joe has developed resources to encourage and equip parents as they teach and train their children.

Here are a few of Joe’s favorite tools…


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[Ep. 443] Make a Plan Together

How well do you and your spouse communicate with each other? Do you talk about your hopes, your plans, or your future together? If not, how are you going to make a plan together?

Communication is one of the top problems reported in a marriage. So often, the conflict created by talking about certain topics makes spouses avoid those topics and in the end, they have built up walls between themselves.

In this episode of Fighting for Families radio, you’ll discover the tools you need to communicate and tips from a 45-year marriage veteran on what topics to talk about in order to build a marriage that is strong and long lasting.

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[Ep. 440] Three Roles of a Wife

God made you and your spouse different for a reason. He wants both of you to be able to see the challenge you face from two different points of view.

Growing closer to your spouse is understanding that the roles of each spouse are valuable.

Laugh-and-learn as Joe shares some encouragement for wives.

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[Ep. 439] Three Roles of a Husband

Long lasting and successful marriage partners know the key is an attitude of serving. But for the man and woman, serving the other may look different.

In Genesis 2:18, God says to Adam, “It is not good that man should be alone…”. God knew Adam needed help. So He created Eve. Turns out both man and woman need each other because they have different roles.

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[Ep. 186] What Are You Saying to Your Children?

As parents, we say a lot to our children, but we need to make sure that we are watching our words.

What we say to and about them carries a lot of weight with them whether they admit it or not. Listen in to this classic episode of Fighting for Families radio with Joe as he shares on the importance of what we say.

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[Ep. 190] Raising Responsible Children

When are you going to be responsible? Have you ever asked your kids this — or at least thought it in your head?

A mom’s to-do list can feel like a never-ending list [the same thing applies to parents in general.]  Listen in to this classic episode of Fighting for Families radio as Joe and his wife, Denise had a conversation about raising responsible children.

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