[Ep. 489] The Attitude You Need


Are you and your spouse as close as you would like to be? If not, are you prepared to do what it takes to change that?

Many couples find themselves stuck in what we call “maintenance mode.”  That’s a relationship where you don’t talk, except in a to-do list format. In that mode, it can be difficult to get close and stay close.

If you don’t work at building a close relationship you will drift apart. The differences that God intended to be a help to your marriage will start to become something that drives a wedge.

The world’s system is a perfect storm for trying to keep men and women upset at each other because of their differences, but God’s Word has the insights you need to have the close and fulfilling relationship that you want!

[Gentleman, if you want to better understand the gift you’ve received in your wife or ladies—if you’d like to better understand God’s unique role for women in building strong families, be sure to get this month’s special resource.]

In this episode, you’ll learn about the attitude you need to have the relationship you want. 

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[Ep. 480] Focus On You

God cares about your relationships. But if you’re focused on what the other person is doing, you’ll find that a strong relationship doesn’t come easily.

The Bible teaches how to build relationships in a different way.

In this episode, learn more about how two equally valuable people build a relationship together.

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[Ep. 476] Who’s in Charge?


Everywhere you look these days, men are fighting with women and women are fighting with men with the primary goal being that each one wants to be in charge of the other. 

Trying to control each other isn’t what God intended. His instructions are to serve one another.

In this episode, Joe talks about how men and women are equally valuable and how they can work together.

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Growing Up Together

Have you ever asked your children, “When are you going to grow up?” Were you ever asked that question as a child?

Many times we want our children to do something, but we haven’t given them the full picture. It’s important to share what we use to measure growing up by (God’s Word) and what guide we use to achieve it (again, God’s Word).

If we want our children to grow up, it’s important to make that a family event.

Families that grow up together, grow closer together! 


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[Ep. 473] Re-energize Your Family

 As summer is now in full swing, you may find your family feeling the effects of longer days and hotter temperatures. When you’re worn out it’s easy to have a short temper and to stop having fun.

It takes purposeful effort to keep your family energized and moving forward together. Listen to this episode of Fighting for Families as Joe shares tips that will help you do just that!

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