If you’re married, realize this; you and your spouse have the potential to be the most powerful, problem-solving unit on the planet.


You might not see it right now. In fact, you might think, There’s no way! We can’t even agree on little things. Us, a powerful, problem-solving unit?
Yes, you!

Most people go into marriage thinking they married someone just like themselves. Then they find out they’re not alike at all, and that’s when the “growing pains” begin.
When my wife, Denise, and I got married we were so alike I thought, Man, it’s going to be wonderful to spend the rest of my life with Denise. I can’t wait!

That didn’t last long. One day we realized something horrible. When we tried solving problems, we didn’t think alike at all! Suddenly, what was once fun became incredibly hard work. We took everything personally. We said ugly stuff to each other for a long time.

Thank God we were invited to a Bible study, and we began to learn what God said about marriage and how it was supposed to work. We’ve been married for 41 years and have grown together to become a powerful, problem-solving unit. If we can do it, you can too!


Once you and your spouse realize what a powerful problem-solving team you are, it’s time to find out what you’re getting in agreement for.

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Marriage is a growing process. Becoming one doesn’t happen overnight. You might not be there now, but you can be. The first step is to find out what God says about marriage. Find good Christian books or audio teachings on marriage and take time to read them with your spouse. You might be interested in checking out our audio CD or DVD series entitled, Marriage Building 101.


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