Many college-bound kids are excited about leaving home and being on their own, but many of them head out with no direction or vision.

They haven’t seriously started thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. They just want to be hip, hang out with their friends, and have a good time.  

Well, that may be OK for a while, but eventually, they’re going to meet someone that they’ll fall in love with and want to marry and make a life with. That means they’ll need to get an apartment, or a house, some furniture, a washer and dryer and a whole lot of other things. And guess what? To get all of those things they’re going to need money. So, how are they going to make money? How do they plan to live and support a family? What are they good at that will enable them to make a good income? What is their vision? At some point, they will have to answer that age-old question: What do you want to be when you grow up? And secondly, how are you going to achieve that? 

As parents, we can help our kids prepare for their future by teaching them to set goals and instilling in them a sense of purpose. It’s never too early to teach them. They can leave home with direction, a plan, and a vision to shoot for. 

The Take Away

Speak good things over your kids. Tell them from an early age that God created them for a purpose. They’re being born on this earth is not a mistake or an accident. Affirm the fact that God knew them before they were born, and He has great plans for each of their lives. Take time to instill confidence, a sense of purpose, value, and worth in your kids through your words.  

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