Gratitude is actually a product of humility.

The Hebrew word for gratitude is, “hoda’ah” which is the same as the word used for confession. Being thankful is actually to confess dependence, or to acknowledge that someone else has the power to benefit you, to admit that your life is better because of their efforts. So let’s be thankful and not take life for granted.


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God inhabits the praises of His people, not the complaints.

We are warned in 2 Timothy 3:2, to stay away from unthankful people. The last stage of the reprobates talked about in Romans 1:21, was they were unthankful.

Learning to be thankful, whether to God or other people, is the best hedge against taking life for granted. The less we take for granted, the more enjoyment we get out of life. If we never give any thought to the good things we have in life such as: our family, our home, our country and the blessings that we have been given through our Heavenly Father then we will begin to take those for granted.

Don’t let that happen to you! Make sure you are doing more thanking than complaining.

Download your copy of the “Thankful” activity page for your child.


Check your words and be sure there are praises and not complaints! Let God, your family and those around you know what you’re thankful for today!



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