How to succeed is a hot topic because no one likes to fail. No one wants to fail a class, or fail at their marriage or job. 

Many people have great resources out there to you succeed. There are books and articles that are helpful, but let’s talk for a minute about the only “certain” way to succeed. (If we don’t have this down pat, the other resources won’t help in the long run.) 

Do you need a jumpstart in getting a plan for your life?

Sometimes getting a plan starts with asking yourself a few simple questions.

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Here are some of the most recent letters, emails, posts.

Thank you for being part of restoring hope!

“Just want to let you know how this ministry has and continues to bless me every day. It was years ago that I discovered some of your CD’s from somewhere or the other and have loved the ministry every since. I can’t help much, but want to help best I can. God has saved my husband and restored our marriage. He took the mess we’d made and made a masterpiece!!! Praise God!!!”  – C.A.

“Just had to take a moment to let you know how your message at Celebration Church in Clovis California blessed me last night! I almost didn’t make it due to the behavior of our little ones, but I’m so glad I did! It was as if The Lord prepared that message just for me. Thank you for being a vessel for The Lord to speak through. Have a blessed day!”  – K.N.

“You taught me something years ago that changed my life. I applied it in my home and shared it in my teachings. Thank you for sharing God’s goodness with others and being a river! I have written so many prayer requests down and prayed over them and seen God deliver. My mother, brother and husband was delivered from addiction AFTER I followed this teaching. I was able to have a very good season with my mom before she passed. Thank you for your teachings. Please keep going ! May God refresh you and your family so much for refreshing us!”  – J.M.




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