People in the 1950s wondered what we would do with all the free time new technology would allow us to have in this century.

Man, did they miss that like a barn door! Americans are working longer and more frantically than ever before. They have no time or energy left over for the things that really matter.

The problem has become how to balance making a living with making a life. Just because the world runs at break-neck speed, we don’t need to become workaholics. We need to work the right amount of time to get things done.

The Bible says, “Six days you work, one day you rest” (Exodus 23:12). There’s nothing in the Bible about a 40-hour work week. You ought to be able to go to your job every day, be happy to go there, accept your lot, and enjoy your wealth and possessions. Enjoying life is a gift of God (Ecclesiastes 5:19-20 NIV). 

We ought to be able to come home at a decent hour and enjoy some quality family time. We have to learn to be in control of our time and not waste it or allow it to be stolen from us. 

The Take Away:

God intended for us to work but not to become workaholics. We are supposed to be productive and use our gifts and talents, but still have time for our families, for God, and for our friends. It’s possible to work hard and have time to make a life, and not just make a living!

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