Think about anything you want to get better at. You work at it don’t you? 

The same applies to your marriage relationship. If you want to get better at communication or develop a stronger sense of intimacy —it helps to work at it by learning more about how to do that.

God’s Word is the greatest marriage resource you’ll ever have. He created marriage.

One way to work at it is to study what His Word says by being part of  a small group. Getting together with other believers and studying God’s Word will help you grow as a person, as a family, and as a community.

In order to have small groups, someone has to start one. Someone has to volunteer to lead. One thing we see everywhere we go is a sense of feeling unqualified to lead—especially when it comes to marriage and parenting topics.

The reaction should be just the opposite! Turn the focus outwards. How many other people are struggling, feeling hopeless, and needing a sense of community? Don’t focus on your qualifications. Focus on the need. See the need and fill it. 

Watch this and find out if you’re qualified to lead –


That’s what this Marriage Building 101 small group is meant to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you learn. This is a laugh-and-learn experience.

Whether you’re a couple who wants to go through it together or a church group that wants to create a class every year – this resource will help. 

The reason we need marriage small groups:


The solution is found in God’s Word.

Let’s laugh-and-learn while we find out how God’s Word helps us to build the kind of marriage that lasts a lifetime.


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