Mom and Dad, you’ll rarely hear from the world that children are a reward from God. Instead, you’ll hear how much money they will cost you and how much of your time they’ll take. But God says children are a reward (Psalm 127:3 KJV).

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According to the book of Malachi, God isn’t just looking for seed. He’s looking for godly seed. (Malachi 2:15). All through the book of Proverbs He has given us wisdom principles to instruct us on how to raise our children so that they will bring us blessing, honor, peace, and prosperity.
God knows the joy and blessing that will come as a result of training up godly children. However, we can view this process as a privilege or as a dreaded responsibility. Our attitude and the way we see our children will have a big part to play in the outcome of our children.
No matter what is happening with your children today, stay in faith, agree with God and say, “My children are a reward!”