The number one reason given for divorce in America is “incompatibility.”

One of the key reasons couples find themselves incompatible is because they haven’t really learned how to communicate with one another.

Getting married doesn’t make you instantly compatible. You and your spouse come from different backgrounds, different family cultures, different experiences, different ways of thinking, and you probably have different ways of communicating. Growing together and becoming compatible takes time and effort. That’s what marriage is all about—becoming one.

If we’re going to grow together, we have to understand each other and becomelike-minded. The Bible talks about how we’re to grow up and be able to speak the truth in love. To become like-minded you must be able to communicate the truth without fear of emotional repercussions. Giving your spouse the silent treatment or constantly blowing up in anger is a sign of immaturity. It damages communication lines and causes unresolved issues. You must be able to communicate truthfully and not just say what you think your spouse wants to hear because you are afraid of their reaction.

Mature communication involves you and your spouse being able to speak truthfully and objectively from your heart and address issues. This is how couples grow in compatibility, become problem solvers, and build a strong marriage.

The Take Away:

Ask God to help you and your spouse grow in your communication with one another. Find good resources on communication. Read 1 Corinthians chapter 13 on a regular basis and confess God’s Word over yourself and your spouse.

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