I want to share something that has been happening in my personal life, as well as the ministry.

When my wife Denise unexpectedly passed away as you can imagine after 45 years of marriage mine and my families world was shattered. As the dust began to settle on our lives I soon realized that I was now approaching a whole new world.

To be honest, I checked out. I began to just go through the motions of life, and stopped dreaming…more like just existing. Many people were very kind to me and reached out with love and concern.

One friend that both Denise and I had known for many years did as well. She remembered how we supported her at a difficult time when her marriage imploded. As she reached out to me over the course of over a yearlong of just talking on the phone we were finally able to meet.

After several more months of our relationship growing I am so blessed to say that she became my wife. It was an unexpected gift that neither of us saw coming.

We are busy enjoying life, and dreaming together knowing that God is not done with either of us! Be encouraged with us that when the enemy says you are done, God can rewrite the story.