Friday Funnies: Why There’s No 3rd Corinthians…


There will be days, maybe even today, when you’ll have the opportunity to decide between taking responsibility for something or just wallowing in the feeling that nothing will ever change and you can’t catch a break.

Watch this and encourage yourself before you face the next situation:

Get the book Joe was using in this video.


When something causes you frustration, stop the urge to blame someone or something else and decide that you are going to do what God’s Word says.


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Action Steps to Increase


Money management is a huge problem for many people. They struggle month to month trying to pay their regular bills.

Then add a few credit card payments on top of that, and they’re dog-paddling for all they’re worth with one nostril above water trying to survive.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.32.37 PM

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How to Get Promoted


Did you know that the Bible talks about how to get promoted at work, how to be an honorable employee, and how to keep improving at your God-given gift?

It does. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, this will help you better understand the biblical principles of work.


In Matthew 25, Jesus relays the story of three servants who were each given a specific amount of money by their employer to watch over until he returned from a trip.

Two of the servants not only watched over what they were given, but also went the extra mile and doubled their employer’s money through wise investing. The third servant took the money he was given, but he had no motivation and did nothing with it. He just dug a hole and buried it until the employer got back.

In essence, the third servant had the attitude: I didn’t ask to be in charge of anything. I just wanted to punch the clock and be happy.


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What is Your Life Plan?

Do you have a plan for your life? Don’t mistake that question for, “Have you mapped out every single day?” What we’re talking about here is the concept of having a plan for what you’re doing and where you want to go?

If you’re like most people, you feel like you can’t get time enough to get ahead of the game. You spend most days just trying to react quick enough to keep your job, your family, and your marriage afloat.

The good news is that there is time and this will help you find it.
Learn how God’s Word instructs us to get a plan for our life.



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(Marriage) How To: Get to the Heart of Communication

One of those most given reasons for divorce in America is, “incompatibility.” In other words, we’re struggling to  know how to talk or how to listen to each other.

The Word of God gives us the solution to the communication problem.

Get the seminar, Eight Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without book. 


Remember, that you get out what you put in, when it comes to your heart and communication.

Take this week to read Matthew 12:34-35 and list on way you can get more of the “good” in your heart.

Learning to communicate is a skill most of us were born without, but it’s not too late to learn.

Here are some resources to help you gain the skills you need to build successful relationships:





GROUP RESOURCE (Small Group Bible Study)

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How Organization Can Help Your Marriage

For many of us, when we were dating, it seemed like we had endless hours to spend together.

Fast forward 5, 10, 20 years or more of marriage and it can be difficult to find where our “dating time” went.

Disorganization causes us to spend time doing things we have to do versus things we would like to do. Work is a part of life, but we can improve the quality of our lives and relationships by putting some effort into getting things put in order. Continue reading…

FRIDAY FUNNIES: What Page Are You On?

You don’t become one with your spouse on your honeymoon.

Marriage building is a lifetime process. You don’t marry a perfect person, because there are no perfect people. There are no perfect marriages, but there are very strong ones.

Whether you’re a marriage veteran of one day or five decades, you realize by now that sometimes you just need to laugh together. When things get tough, tense, or tiring, make time to make each other smile.

Here’s a quick quick clip to share with your spouse. It’ll help you start the weekend laughing-and-learning. 


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