Are You Leadership Material? [Find out]


Leadership Material


Did you know that you have what it takes to be a leader? That’s what God says. But, it’s up to you whether or not you become one.

You may be saying, I’m just this… or I’m only that…, but your “job title” doesn’t determine if you’re a leader or not.

(Here’s what does…)

“…Whoever desires to become great among you. Let him be your servant.”  Mark 10:43 

Truly being successful in your job and your family is about being a problem solver. It’s about helping others solve problems. This is servant leadership.  Continue reading…

How to Cover Tough Topics with Your Child

What happens when you run into a tough situation, as a parent? 

No matter what your child has just brought up or is dealing with, it’s important to not overreact. Then, you need to go to God’s Word to find the answer to their situation.

Whatever the circumstance is, God’s Word has the answer. By reading it, you can help your child navigate tough situations at school, in relationships, and anything else they may encounter.


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FRIDAY FUNNIES: When Things Don’t Go Right…

Have you ever found yourself in a surprising situation? You know, nobody likes a surprise unless it comes with a bow attached. Have you ever gotten a surprise about your finances?

In this Friday Funnies clip, Joe shares the story of one “surprising” financial situation where one man faced the same obstacle until he had a conversation with God that cleared some things up for him.


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How to Get a Plan for Your Life


To get a vision for your life, you first have to believe that God has a plan specifically designed for you. A lot of people live by the motto, “Well, this is just the hand life dealt me,” and they just settle for whatever comes their way, never realizing God has a great plan for them.

Finding Your Vision

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Preparing Your Child to Leave the Nest


There’s an old saying, “Marriage is forever, children are just passing through.” This statement is so true.
I’ll always be Dad to my kids, and we’ll always have a relationship.

However, as their dad, the most important thing I need to do is make sure my children are ready to go out into the world and do whatever God has called them to do.

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