Building a relationship with God is like building a relationship with any other person on this planet.

You don’t automatically have a deep relationship with someone just because you know what their name is or know some statics about them. It takes time to really get to know someone.

Joe speaking

When my wife, Denise, and I began dating, we didn’t know anything about each other. The first time I called her on the telephone I was scared spitless! I formally introduced myself as “Joe McGee,” and we talked for a while. Then, after a few phone calls, I could call her and just say, “Hi. It’s me,” and she immediately recognized my voice.

We felt more at ease talking with each other because we were spending time getting to know one another. We were building a relationship. The longer you walk with God, spending time with Him daily, the easier it is to talk with Him. You leave behind the awkward, stiff, formal prayers and simply talk with Him about everything.

As you read His Word, He begins to show you how He thinks about certain things. You’ll discover His likes and dislikes. This is how you get to know God.


It’s important for us to teach our kids Bible stories. When we do, we’re introducing them to their Father God. It’s the first step toward building a personal relationship with Him, which is the only thing that will give them true and lasting self-worth.


Listen to this episode of Fighting for Families to get the full story on building a stronger relationship with God.


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