To build a great marriage you must have good communication skills.

Unfortunately, those skills aren’t part of our DNA when we are born. We have to learn them and constantly work to develop those skills. 

Most husbands and wives see things differently, and that is a strength, not a weakness. However, it can create problems when a spouse is stubborn and refuses to see the other’s viewpoint. As a result, communication shuts down, and it leads to unresolved issues. We must grow in our communication skills so that we can build a great life together.

To grow in communication, we have to be aware of what not to do. Here are some communication killers to avoid:
1.     Negative body language
2.     Failing to fully listen
3.     Withdrawing
4.     Changing the subject
5.     Clamming up or pouting
6.     Losing control
7.     Making mountains out of molehills
8.     Thinking your spouse can read your mind
9.     Seeking peace at any cost/caving in
10.  Turning up the volume on the TV

The Take Away:

Growing in marriage means growing in communication. Healthy, strong marriages are the result of good communication skills. 

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