The word “courteous” means “marked by respect for and consideration of others.”

This is a great quality to possess and also look for in a potential spouse.  

People who are courteous keep appointments and show up on time. If plans change, they call to let the other party know. Having “company manners” doesn’t just apply to business situations. 

We need to always be courteous to those closest to us no matter how familiar we are with them. There’s a saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” That means the more familiar we are with someone the less we tend to show respect and politeness toward them. However, just because we know someone well doesn’t mean we quit being courteous and showing good manners. 

Courtesy needs to be part of our character. It’s a way to show respect for others, both in our business dealings and in our personal life with our spouse, family, and friends.  

The Take Away:

A good marriage functions on mutual respect for one another. Common courtesy and politeness are qualities to esteem in a potential spouse, and they should never wane in a marriage relationship. If they start to decline, then you can be assured that your respect for one another has declined as well. 

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