To increase financially, we have to change our thinking from a survival mentality, where we’re just barely making ends meet each month, to a thriving mentality, where not only do we pay our bills each month, but we actually have money left over to save, spend, and give. 

God’s plan for us is not that we live out our existence in constant, bleak survival mode. He wants us and our families to increase, prosper, and thrive!  

A great example of this is the children of Israel. God delivered them out of Egypt, a land of never enough, where they were in bondage, and He brought them into the wilderness, which was a land of just enough. Their clothes never wore out. They had manna apportioned to them every day to satisfy their needs for each day. But God’s ultimate purpose was for them to go into the Promised Land, which was the land of more than enough! 

We must grab hold of the fact that God has plans to prosper us. He doesn’t want us or our families to live our lives never having enough, or having just enough to scrape by. He wants us to prosper, increase, and thrive to where we have more than enough! 

Take Away: 

Don’t settle for just surviving! God has a plan for you that will cause you and your family to rise up and thrive no matter what the economy is doing! You can live in the land of more than enough! 

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