Anytime we sin, it seems our first reaction is to immediately find an excuse to justify ourselves and look around for someone else to blame.

Adam and Eve were no different. The first blame-shifting event in the history of mankind happened when Adam blamed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit. It seems that shifting the blame comes naturally to most people.

Even a small toddler’s first inclination is to deny that he wrote all over the wall with a purple magic marker. He’ll look at you with his purple face and purple hands, deny any wrongdoing, and try to shift the blame by pointing to Brother or Sister and saying, “It was their fault!”

Adam and Eve’s blame-shifting didn’t justify or negate their sin in God’s eyes. He loved them and wanted to bless them, but there were consequences that came into play as a result of their sin.

As long as a person can shift the blame in another direction and get away with it, they will never repent. If they don’t learn to repent, they will never walk in God’s favor and blessing. They will live in bondage to sin and will blame everyone else for their failures and shortcomings.

Don’t play the “blame game.” If you’ve sinned, take responsibility and own up to it. Repent and ask God (and if necessary, your spouse, kids, family member, etc.) for forgiveness. Only then will you be able to walk in the fullness of God’s favor and blessing. 

Watch & Be Encouraged

The Take Away:

The next time you miss it, be quick to deal with it. Don’t let it slide and expect people to just overlook your actions or words. Say you’re sorry right then and there. Dealing with it quickly will keep strife out.

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