Thank you for what you are doing, Pastors!

You and your teams are making a great difference in your communities. We so appreciate the work you do, your kindness for letting us be a part of that work, and seeing your heart for families.



Download this free MP3 message as our New Year gift! We hope it makes you laugh and encourages you as you begin a new season.




1. We’re on the radio.

In September, we launched Fighting for Families radio with Joe. It’s a weekday laugh-and-learn program focused on marriage, parenting and family finances. Find a station in your area or download the podcast.

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2. We launched our first small group. 

The Marriage Building 101 seminar is now as six-week laugh-and-learn small group complete with DVD sessions, workbook and everything you need to promote and run a class or group of friends. Learn more.  Get 10% off workbooks, prayer cards, and certificates (no code needed).

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3. We’re developing resources for the local church.

Part of our goal over 2016 is to learn more about the resource needs of the local church and help meet them. We’d love to get your input on what types of resources (for counseling, for small groups,etc.) you and your staff often need. You are in direct contact with the people you serve. It’s our goal to develop resources, through our website resource center and print materials to help you meet those needs. Use the Contact Us form to share your thoughts.  

Be part of the process…

If you would like to hear more about our planned resources and be part of helping us develop that program, contact – to let us know and we’ll add you to our email list.

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