A general misconception is that nice people don’t have conflicts.

That is a myth. Jesus was a really nice person, but He was also was a confronter and wasn’t afraid to deal with issues.

Confrontation is going to come. Determine to become a good problem solver. While we’re living on this planet, there are always going to be things to fix. There are two kingdoms represented on this earth—the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. The kingdom of darkness is working overtime to create problems, strife, contention, and issues. The kingdom of light is here to solve problems, bring peace, and resolve issues.

You can’t fix something if you don’t confront it.

Conflict is resolved through communication. But there’s a difference between “talking” and “communicating.” Just because a person is a good talker, doesn’t mean they’re a good communicator. Communication requires being able to listen, keep an open mind, keep emotions in check, and work to see another person’s perspective. It requires being selfless, patient, humble, sacrificing the need to be “right,” having a sincere desire to resolve the issue at hand   and being willing to make whatever change is necessary.

Being nice won’t keep conflict from coming your way, but with God’s help, you can be a great problem solver and peacemaker. 

The Take Away:

Don’t elevate any conflict above the Word of God. No matter what conflict you may be facing realize that God is bigger, and He has a solution. He will give you the words to communicate and the wisdom on how to fix it. Always go to God first!

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