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The votes are in on the Viewer’s Choice Friday Funnies favorites.

Top 5 Friday Funnies Clips Favorites

Thanks to everyone who voted and shared why they enjoy these clips!

We’ve been sharing Friday Funnies since the spring and we have seen so many great reports from people who were able to share these clips as a ministry tool as well just getting encouragement for themselves.

It’s God’s Word that makes the difference in people’s lives.

Some notes that came in with the voting:

“Full of truth wrapped up in funny.”

“It is hard to pick just one! Joe lives life according to what God teaches in the Bible and does it with humor.”

“They help me see life from a new perspective while giving me God’s Word. My husband and I have seen ourselves in them and it’s helped our communication greatly. THANK YOU!!”

We invite you to share these clips with people who could use a laugh and some encouragement. 


1.   Faith, Family, and Vacations

“It’s always positive and my way to start every weekend!!”

[This Friday Funnies clip is featured in the Marriage Building 101 DVD]


  2.  Why There’s No Third Corinthians

“Joe always puts a smile on my face and plants the word in my heart—and what is better on a Friday after a long week?!” 

[This Friday Funnies clip is featured in the NEW Family Finances DVD]

3. A Not-So-Holy-Moment  

“It teaches me and gives me knowledge of God and what I should be doing. It gives you a laugh for the day and I really enjoy that.”

[This Friday Funnies clip is featured in the Marriage Building 101 DVD]


4. Work is a Four Letter Word 

“I love the way he presents stories in the Bible to everyday life.”

[This Friday Funnies clip is featured in the Marriage Building 101 Small Group DVD]


5. The Dreaded Cereal Aisle

[ Find out what happened to the cereal.]

“The stories remind me so much of our family and I love that he turns a mess around to God …” 

[This Friday Funnies clip is featured in the NEWLY REVISED Blended Families DVD]



Because many people have asked, we have listed the videos that the Friday Funnies clips from.

1. Faith, Family, and Vacations 



2. Why There’s No Third Corinthians


3. A Not-So-Holy Moment



4. Work is a Four Letter Word



[The Cereal Aisle clip is not available currently.]

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