At Joe McGee Ministries, we are always getting questions on the topics of marriage, parenting and other family topics.

Watch as Joe and Denise answer some of the most frequently asked parenting questions over the 2015 year.

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TOPIC: My Child’s Gift

The most frequently asked parenting questions of 2015 dealt with finding your child’s gift and help them get a vision for their life.


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TOPIC: Praying for My Child

Another of the most frequently asked questions dealt with how to pray for your young child, willful child, adult children and more.

The good news is that praying for your children works at any age or stage.

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TOPIC: Teaching Your Child God’s Word

Often, parents are eager to make sure their child knows God’s Word, but it can seem daunting to find the right place to start, and figure out how to make it fun or if you should make it fun.

Listen in as Joe answers that question on where to start:

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TOPIC: My Child’s Self-Worth

Many parents know the importance of making sure their child has a good sense of self-worth, but they aren’t sure where to start.


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TOPIC: Becoming a Better Parent

Another common topic in the top questions for 2015 dealt with the role of parents. With a never ending to-do list, often, parents feel lost at what to try first.

God’s Word has great instruction and encouragement for parents –


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