Love is a four letter word, but it’s not a curse word. Love is expensive and it will cost you.

God gave His one and only Son because He loved us. In marriage, almost everyday will bring a new opportunity to compromise and walk in love.

Laugh and learn as Joe and Denise share their most recent “opportunity” to walk in love.

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As frustrating as it may seem, it’s actually a strength that you and your spouse don’t see things the same. The next time you feel angry or frustrated with your spouse, take a minute to thank God for just one thing about them.

Remember, it’s impossible to change your feelings if you never change your thoughts or your words.

Another help is when you get together with others and study God’s Word. Seeing that you’re not alone and other couples struggle with similar issues can help spur you on to grow together when you find out what God says He’ll do.


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