You don’t become one with your spouse on your honeymoon.

Marriage building is a lifetime process. You don’t marry a perfect person, because there are no perfect people. There are no perfect marriages, but there are very strong ones.

Whether you’re a marriage veteran of one day or five decades, you realize by now that sometimes you just need to laugh together. When things get tough, tense, or tiring, make time to make each other smile.

Here’s a quick quick clip to share with your spouse. It’ll help you start the weekend laughing-and-learning. 


Get the Marriage Building 101 small group.  


Realize now that the goal of marriage isn’t to be “nice” to each other, it’s about building something together. The only way to walk in true love with each other is to go to the source (God), to know the source, and obey His Word.


Would you invest six weeks if the end result was a stronger, more fulfilling marriage relationship?

Joe’s Marriage Building 101 small group resource is a great laugh-and-learn tool for couples to do on their own or in a small group setting. 

Each week, sit down for one hour with your easy-to-follow workbook while Joe walks you through practical topics that cover everything from the purpose of marriage and communication to budgeting and sex.


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