If you have a vision, one of the best things you can do is find some way to get around people who are already successful at what you would like to do.  

I remember a young man that told me he wanted to be an engineer. His family was poor, so he didn’t know how he could ever attain that goal. He asked me, “This is what I want to do, but how am I going to do this?” 

Now, the Bible says that if we walk with wise men, we’ll become wise (Proverbs 13:20). So, if we want to become wise and learn some things in a certain area, then we need to start seeking out those people who have wisdom in that area and start hanging around them. 

So, I said to him, “Well, this summer, instead of getting a job at McDonald’s, we’re going to get you a job with an engineering firm. Now, I like McDonald’s, and it pays well, but if you want to become an engineer, then we need to get you around an engineering company.” 

I found an engineering firm that was close to his home. All summer, he worked for this engineering firm. Did he work directly with any of the engineers? No. He mowed the grass, swept out the building, emptied the trash cans. He just did maintenance duties and cleaned up, but he got to be around an engineering firm. 

He stuck with that firm, and every year they gave him more responsibilities, like operating the copy machine and running errands. He hung around that company, working there through high school and college. By the time he got his engineering degree, seven years later, he had an office in that building with his name on it.  

Do you have a vision? Make it a point to get around what you want to do or become. 

The Take Away

Take a minute to evaluate the steps you’re taking toward accomplishing your vision. Is there a business or person that you can work with or volunteer some time in order to gain experience in the field you’re interested in? Volunteer work and internships are a great way to be able to get connected with others who have the same vision. 

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