Would you say that your child has a strong sense of self-worth? Or do you wish that your child had more confidence?

As our children grow up, they begin to learn to place value on themselves. Some children are trained to believe their value comes from how good they do in school or in sports. It’s good to encourage our children in their talents, but it’s crucial that we don’t train them to believe their only value comes from their success.

Here’s what they should know for building a stronger self-worth…

In Matthew 10:31 the Bible says we’re valuable to God, even to the point that He knows the exact number of hairs on our head! For Him to know that intimate detail about each of us must mean that He thinks we’re pretty valuable.

As parents, we need to let our children know how valuable they are. It’s important that we build a foundation of self-worth in our kids and instill in them the confidence they need to succeed. However, we must teach them that their value isn’t based on what they have or don’t have, but it’s based on who they are on the inside.

If a person’s worth is based on the kind of car they drive, the brand of tennis shoes they wear, their sports’ record, who they’re related to, or who they know, their sense of worth will be in a constant state of flux based on those variables.

If they’re proud of one of these things, they let it boost their confidence. But if they’re ashamed of one of those things, they let it squash their sense of worth.

People with a good sense of self-worth know they’re valuable in spite of all these things. As a result, they remain solid and stable through all the ups and downs life can bring.

The Take Away

Build a solid foundation of self-worth in your children. If you haven’t been doing that, begin today! It’s never too late! Kids who have a tremendous sense of self-worth have an advantage and will go far in life. Success starts with a good sense of self-worth.

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