What happens when you run into a tough situation, as a parent? 

No matter what your child has just brought up or is dealing with, it’s important to not overreact. Then, you need to go to God’s Word to find the answer to their situation.

Whatever the circumstance is, God’s Word has the answer. By reading it, you can help your child navigate tough situations at school, in relationships, and anything else they may encounter.


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When you go through situations with your child the first thing to remember is not to overreact. That goes for situations when your child is hurting and you want to protect them as well as when they disappoint you. Then, begin the process of helping your child learn how to navigate through those tough times.

The best way to prepare your child to navigate through tough circumstances is through the Word of God.

One great tool to help make things easier is the Telling Your Child the Truth scripture card sets. It will help you break down big concepts into teachable moments with your child every day. It works whether they are a toddler or a teen and it will make a difference in your life!

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