We have a promise in God’s Word that says our houses will be full of much treasure. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel a lot better!

We can trust God and not worry about the future. But that doesn’t mean we can just sit around and wait for money to fall on us out of Heaven.

Dreams of travel! Child flying on a suitcase against the backdrop of a sunset.

We need to use our faith and believe God for an increase, but we also need to take some natural steps to increase our value in the job market. We can dream of increase all day long, but if we don’t do some things in the natural, that’s all they’ll ever be, just daydreams.

Joseph started out as a boy with a dream. God directed his steps, and eventually, that dream became a reality. Even though he experienced setbacks and hard times, he was constantly learning, taking on responsibility, and stepping into leadership roles. He was a hard worker, and he was willing to learn whatever was set in front of him. And because of that, he developed skills and gained an education that he could not have gotten anywhere else.

His on-the-job training was what prepared him for his final promotion to becoming second in command over the entire nation of Egypt.

God will help us get the best jobs. He’ll help us get the right knowledge. He’ll help us get where we need to go. But we must keep learning and keep developing our skills; then, promotion and increase will come.


We should always be learning. We should continually be developing our skills and learning new ones, as well as increasing our knowledge in whatever our area of expertise may be.

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