This is a great reminder for everyone, but it’s especially helpful for spouses to know:

Ignorance isn’t always bliss. Having a right heart is great, but if you don’t have knowledge to go along with it, it’ll mess up your life.  

In 1 Chronicles 13, David’s heart was right when he went after the Ark of the Covenant, but his head was ignorant. He loved God. He wanted to bring the presence, the blessing, and the power of God back home. But he didn’t read the instructions on how to do it. He just went and got the Ark and threw it in the back of an ox cart.

He was so happy when he was bringing the Ark home, but the cart hit a bump in the road, and the gold box with the angels on top started to slide off onto the road. Then a man, with no apparent sin in his life, reached out to help, but when he touched that box, he dropped dead. God had warned, “Don’t touch the box!”

David lost a good man that day. It took him a long time to pour through the scrolls and realize his mistake. God had been very specific about how the Ark was supposed to be moved, and David had not done it God’s way.

When it comes to marriage, don’t be ignorant. Most people get married with the right heart. They sincerely want to be a great spouse and have a great marriage, but they’re ignorant as to what God says about marriage and how it’s supposed to work. Find out what God’s instruction manual says. You can have a great marriage!


The Take Away

Here are some scriptures to meditate on daily: Ephesians 5:20-33; 1 Corinthians 13:1-8

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