Did you know there’s an instruction manual for life?
It’s called the Bible. It contains instructions on every area of life, including marriage.

Most equipment malfunctions are the result of “user error.”

This same principle applies to marriage. In order to avoid user error in your relationship with your spouse, it’s important to know how marriage works. God created marriage, and
He also created an instruction manual on how marriage is supposed to work and how to properly maintain it so it doesn’t break down.

The husband is the first component God created in this operating system called marriageUnderstanding the role of the husband is a major key to the marriage operating successfully.

The Bible mentions these three primary roles:

1. Lover – to love their wives as Christ loves the church and gave up His life for it. To truly love in the capacity God intended, you first have to know God personally because God is love.

2. Leader – or the head of the home. “Head” doesn’t mean boss or dictator; it means “source.” In order to lead successfully, God must be your source of direction. He will lead you and enable you to lead your family.

3. Provider – God gave men the responsibility to provide for their family. But God also promises to those who will covenant with Him and trust Him, that He will be their source and provide for all their needs (Philippians 4:19). A man who walks with God, believing and trusting in Him will not lack for provision.

The Take Away:

Marriage requires regular maintenance and tune-ups. It’s easy to think everything is running fine until a gasket blows! Take time with your spouse to ask questions and see if there are things that may need some maintenance. Be pro-active in your relationship. Routine maintenance is a key to keeping your marriage running smoothly.

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