Did you know that just having a right heart won’t make you successful?

Your heart can be right but if you don’t have knowledge, it’ll mess up your life.

It’s normal for couples who are young and in love to tie the knot and expect to live happily ever after. Even though they love each other and their hearts are right, many times their heads are empty. They know absolutely nothing about marriage and how to make it work. As a result, a few years into the marriage it’s easy for them to become disillusioned and think their marriage is a failure because they’re not experiencing the “happily ever after” vision they had when they first got married.

Just because you’ve found the “one” doesn’t mean you’ll have a great marriage. It takes wisdom and hard work. Couples need to get in the Word and find out what God says about marriage, learn what it means to be a husband or a wife, and learn how to grow and work together in their relationship.

Successful marriages don’t happen overnight. And just because you hit a few bumps in the road doesn’t mean your marriage is a failure. Great marriages take a lot of love, patience, forgiveness, and perseverance. They are built through an ongoing, lifelong process.

Take the time to invest in your marriage. It’s well worth the effort. Having a happy, strong, successful marriage is possible, and it’s God’s will for you!

The Take Away

God’s Word is the instruction manual for life. Gaining knowledge from God’s Word on marriage and also from other resources, such as books, seminars, and podcasts, will help you understand how to grow together and work together as a team.

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