Self-worth is something that is built inside of you. It’s a confidence that comes from knowing that your value comes from who God says you are and what He did for you; not from anything you may possess.Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.59.51 AM

I remember a pastor I met who has a tremendous church that reaches thousands of people. He told me, “Joe, I remember how I felt about myself when I was a kid. We lived in a shack. We had newspaper, not wallpaper, on the walls. We didn’t even have electricity.” But he said, “You know, it never embarrassed me to invite buddies from my school to come home with me and spend the weekend. We’d go out and climb trees and go fishing and hunting. My friends loved it! I don’t ever remember any boy not wanting to come back to my house. I was never ashamed of where I was from, and since I wasn’t ashamed, nobody else was either.”

As a kid, this guy didn’t have anything worth bragging about, but he wasn’t embarrassed by his circumstances. His self-confidence was something that was in him—not around him. His mom and dad instilled it in him when he was a kid, and he’s had that confidence ever since.


As parents, we are the most important influence in our kids’ lives. Let’s let them know how valuable they are in our eyes and in God’s eyes!

Tell your kids every day that they are loved and valued and that God has great plans for their lives!