As a Christian in the workplace or running your own business, know this—you have an edge in the marketplace because the Holy Spirit lives in you. He will guide you in every area of life.

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Just like Daniel, you can stand out from your peers and experience promotion because you demonstrate an excellent spirit (ref. Daniel 6:3 AMP). Or, like Joseph, God can give you wisdom and insight to originate ideas, plans, and strategies on how to manage specific projects, or how to bring organization and increase to your department or your business (ref. Genesis 41:33-40).

If you’re a Christian, the Holy Ghost lives inside of you, and He’s your Helper.

He can give you insight as to how to do a job in half the amount of time and yet maintain excellence. He can show you how to come in under budget on projects and yet still retain excellent quality, craftsmanship, and service.
“I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions” (Proverbs 8:12 KJV).
As Christians, let’s be the ones who bring solutions, ideas, and inventions to the table. Let’s also bring a spirit of faith and demonstrate an excellent spirit in our workplaces.


Pray this: “Father, thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to live inside of me and be my Helper. I thank You that He is giving me creativity, wisdom, insight, and ideas in order to be more effective at my job. I ask that You give me favor with those in authority over me and that as I demonstrate a spirit of excellence, it does not go unnoticed. Make me a blessing, encouragement, and asset to those I work with!”



Ask God for wisdom at work, favor with your co-workers and boss, and seek Him when it comes to where He has called you to be!






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