“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…” (Proverbs 13:22 NKJV).



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There’s an account in the Bible, in 2 Kings chapter four, of a widow whose husband had recently died. It was said of her husband that he feared and served God, but yet, he still died broke. He had knowledge of God and was a godly man, but evidently, when it came to money, he had no knowledge of how to handle it or of how to increase. When he died, he left his family so far in debt that his sons were going to be taken as slaves.

Can you imagine getting to heaven and everybody saying, “Well, I’m glad you made it, but you left your wife and kids in a mess on the earth!”? Friends, that’s not right! That’s not what God wants for His children.

Not only do we need to learn how to take care of our families financially now, we also need to put back money for them in the future. At the same time, our behavior with money is teaching our children about finances – good or bad – they are learning from us. God doesn’t want you to barely get by. He wants you to have abundant life. He wants you to have more than enough for you to live a good life on this earth, and also leave an inheritance for your kids!


Something to remember: It’s not just about leaving a financial inheritance, it’s most important to leave your children with a spiritual inheritance. Teach them God’s Word everyday and model the behavior you would like to see in them. Seeing their parents walk out their faith and having the foundation of God’s Word in their heart will be an inheritance that will produce results in their life!


God’s plan is that we increase financially so that we can leave an inheritance to our children and our children’s children. That means we need to increase in our knowledge of finances and our money management skills.

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