You know that time when you’re running late for work and the car breaks down on the drive? Maybe it wasn’t exactly that, but we’ve all experienced those times where we wanted to let our mouth run down a negative path because we’re encountering obstacles.

Here’s a little bit of encouragement for the next time you run into those “obstacles.” This is a way you can turn them into opportunities instead…



Say what God says about your situation. Do you need financial help? (I have the mind of Christ. God gives me liberal wisdom when I ask Him, and He supplies all my need.) It works no matter what situation you find yourself in. Start reading His Word and find out what YOU need to say today!

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Start your year right by getting your finances in line with God’s Word and help restore hope in the life of a family. That’s what you’re doing when you give a gift of $35 or more to Fighting for Families radio. We’ll send you the Family Finance Action-Pack as our thank you for partnering with us to reach families through this laugh-and-learn program. Click to learn more.

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